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A message from Rich Gunn, President of the Clan Gunn Society of North America:

Welcome to the CGSNA's website! Whether Gunn by name, a sept (an associated family name - see the list of septs on this site.), or just someone who enjoys Scottish tradition and fellowship, we welcome you. On this site you you'll find a wealth of information about the Clan, its officers, as well as the Commissioner (see Officers, Commissioners & Genealogists page on this site) in your area who represents the Clan at many of the Scottish and Celtic games and events in their region. Feel free to contact a Commissioner or me with any of your questions or requests that we might assist you with.

Also, I would like to personally invite you to attend a Scottish Festival or cultural event in your area that Clan Gunn will be attending. These events are great opportunities to learn more about the Clan, as well as enjoy the fellowship of other Clan Gunn members from around North America. The Clan is represented at dozens of events around the country and we'd welcome your attendance. Contact a Clan Gunn Commissioner near you, or check out to find an event near you.

Be sure to visit this site often for updates and announcements on the happenings of the friendliest clan of all - Clan Gunn. And while you're here, take a minute to check out our Store page for great deals on Clan Gunn stuff!

Pax Aye,

Rich Gunn

email: Rich Gunn

If you would like more information about the Clan Gunn Society of North America please email, phone or write to the Commissioner in your area. Family history questions can be directed to our Executive Genealogist. Questions and comments on this web site can be sent to our WebMaster